The future

has arrived.

Clean Motion by Prinoth


All great success stories start with passion.

From the beginning, PRINOTH’s passion has been to deliver perfect results for our customers. For ski resorts, this means providing the perfect slopes. The snow groomers that you will see below are an expression of the company’s spirit and a landmark  milestone in the PRINOTH story. They will change the ski industry forever and have been born through our vision of sustainability; a vision we call CLEAN MOTION.

Where it all started
Ernst Prinoth, the company’s founder and pioneer had always been fuelled by his unrelenting ambition to achieve the best results. From his days as a Formula One race car driver, Ernst was driven by his desire to attain the perfect balance between power and performance.
When he swapped his racing gloves for ski bindings, he knew that to get the best performance when skiing, he would need the power to carve slopes into a surface as smooth as the asphalt on a race track.
In 1962, Ernst invented the first snow groomer prototype. Light, powerful, nimble like a big cat. Within two years, his innovative design was in mass production. Over the next six decades, PRINOTH catapulted into the pole position as the world’s leading snow grooming manufacturer.

At the heart of a PRINOTH snow groomer is its engine.
Fast, powerful and efficient.

Efficient engines use as little fuel as possible to produce the maximum output. And low fuel consumption means low emissions, but what if we could eliminate emissions altogether?

The future is ...
zero emission zero emission
zero emissioN zero emission
zero emission zero emission

We proudly present the zero emission, fully electric snow groomer.

But our story doesn’t stop at the HUSKY eMOTION. To go above and beyond, we had to take a step further.

Welcome to the world’s first zero emission, hydrogen-powered snow groomer.

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